laughing over spilled milk

February 25, 2009 at 4:15 pm Leave a comment

I love to take pictures. I also tend to be very forgetful, so I NEED loads of pictures to remind me what life was like last year, last month, last week. My favorite moments to capture involve the quirky mishaps my three year old inevitably gets himself into at least once a month. The kind that unavoidably result in a frustrating mess to clean. Yet, somehow most of the time, I can’t keep myself from laughing and snapping a few pics to commemorate this chapter of our lives.
One day last month while I sat in my family room nursing the baby, Sammy ran in from the kitchen with an urgent matter at hand. “The milk is peeing!” he said. I laughed and headed for the kitchen. When I turned the corner, I saw the mess and asked him what happened..
“I want choc-what milk, but then the milk started peeing.” was his reply.
I chuckle to myself as I stand still, gazing at almost an entire gallon of milk spilled out all over the floor.

Apparently, my independent little man wanted to make some chocolate (or, should I say “choc-what”) milk, and took it upon himself to try his hand at making his own, without asking. It appeared that the gallon jug was too heavy. He must have dropped it, (thankfully, not on his toes) causing the top to pop off and the milk to spew out everywhere.



Grab the camera. Then the mop.


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