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He’s CRAWLINGGG!!!!….(my initial reaction)

He’s………*sigh*……..crawling. (my thoughts today).

Last week my youngest turned 8 months old, said “mama,” got his first tooth, and started crawling. How proud I was. GO BABY MAX! …was my first reaction. Then I discovered what it meant to have a mobile infant and a three year old under one roof.

Why did I encourage this? What was I thinking?

Once a child becomes mobile, it seems as though any and all objects within his mother’s peripheral fall into one of two categories: either the object is “safe” or it is a potential choking hazard (at least until the eve of the child’s third birthday, when apparently the throat miraculously becomes impervious to obstructions). Since my oldest is three and a half, it seems like ages since I categorized everyday items in this way.

I always thought that people said that you become more lax with each child. Naturally, I thought that I, too would follow this pattern.

I’m such a deluded moron.

In fact, I am absolutely more obsessive and anxious over my youngest crawling than I ever remember being with my first. When my first started crawling, every toy we had was made for an infant, so I didn’t have to worry about all those toys that pose a choking hazard. But now those types of toys are EVERYWHERE, and I feel like I have almost no control over the situation.

They are hidden. Hidden under the couch, under the coffee table, and worst of all, hidden inside other, “safe” toys. This morning the baby was playing with a large toy bus. No small parts, seemed safe. Until he pulled out little pellets of dog food stuffed inside by his three year old brother.

All the vacuuming in the world would not have caught that one. And in spite of my new found vacuuming compulsion, things seem to “appear” as if out of no where mere minutes after I finish a round with the Dyson. I don’t even unplug it anymore, it just stands there ready for action.

Because of one of those objects that appeared out of nowhere, I had to call poison control today…(note to self: mark down in baby book, “baby’s first poison control call made on his behalf“). I caught him with one of those little silica packets in his mouth. You know, the ones that come in new purses, etc marked DO NOT EAT. I thought I would puke.

The nice lady on the other end kind of laughed at my panic and told me those aren’t poisonous.


She then asked for my name, the correct spelling of our last name, my child’s name, our phone number and our zip code.

*stomach pang*

I HATE when they ask you all of that. And believe me, I knew it was coming…I was on the horn with poison control more times than I can count on behalf of my first. (Never anything worth a ride to the hospital, just me being obsessive, anxious me).

Why do they need all that information anyway? Is it so they can call you back in case they get some breaking news release that ..yes, what your child ingested is, in fact, poisonous and you should have taken him to the hospital 12 hours ago? Or, is it so they can link me to some computer tracking device used to identify neglectful parents?

Crawling is supposed to be this joyful, momentous milestone…when did it become so nerve wracking?

I have a vivid mental image of my sweet baby as I walked toward him, his eyes met mine and he eagerly began moving one knee in front of the other to get to me…

“He’s crawling, he’s crawling, he’s CRAWLING!!! Look, look, look!!” I shouted in excitement.

I was thrilled….elated….overjoyed….


….I’ll know better than to encourage him to walk.



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  • 1. ck  |  March 11, 2009 at 10:29 am

    I recently thought the exact same thing.

    Little Barbie shoes…mmmm delicious. Tub o’ desitin…yumm (my fault to leaving it out). Beads for time-consuming jewelry making, a favorite.

    I’d tell you it will get better with age, but I’d be lying to you.

    The older they get, the more they try to stuff in there.

  • 2. KathyB!  |  March 11, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Oh boy! They do get into everything don’t they?! I’m sorry about the silica gel, but trust me when I say this will make a great story that you’ll look back on and laugh… in a couple years!!

    I used to push my twins back into a sitting position when they were learning to walk. Nice, huh?!

  • 3. Gibby  |  March 12, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    OK, I can laugh ONLY because I am beyond this stage (but then we got a puppy who LOVES to eat Barbies). When I only had one baby, I once told my mom I thought all the baby gates I had up were silly because I followed her around all the time. Mom promptly told me that the baby gates were actually for when Baby #2 comes along.

    I totally got it a few years later.


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