The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

March 12, 2009 at 10:37 pm 4 comments

The baby was diagnosed with RSV last month.

THE GOOD: The doctor said that since he was 7 months old at the time, he would be fine. It is not nearly as dangerous to babies over 3 months.

THE BAD: It was awful to stress over his breathing …was it labored enough to necessitate a doctor or hospital visit or would breathing treatments do the trick?

THE UGLY: The virus has a looong recovery time and is very contagious, so we were quarantined in the house for nearly a month.


Today, he is completely recovered. No more worrying and we can finally get out of the house!!

THE GOOD: I get to see the outside of my house for the first time since Sunday. On Thursdays, we go to Community Bible Study (CBS). I love it, the kids love it, and we haven’t been there in a month.

THE BAD: We’re SO out of the routine of getting out and about. I failed miserably at doing it efficiently.

THE UGLY: I lost my bible study lesson book, so I went out to the car to look for it. Came back in and couldn’t find Sam. Panic. Attack. I ran up and down the stairs screaming, outside screaming, came back in and it turned out he was just in the bathroom. Oops, didn’t check there…the cabin fever must have hijacked my brain.


THE GOOD: Sam was safe and he used the potty before we left.

THE BAD: We were running really late.

THE UGLY: Had to give up on finding my book. Didn’t do my lesson anyway, but that only made it worse. If I did my lesson but didn’t have a book, I could contribute something from memory. If I had a book with unfinished lesson, I could fake my way through. But I didn’t even know what I should have read, I was just going to have to sit there…just sit there. Like an idiot.


THE GOOD: It’s only a three minute drive to the church.

THE BAD: CBS starts at 9:15am. I look at the clock, and it’s 9:15am.

THE UGLY: I still have to pack the diaper bag, it’s Max’s naptime, and he wants to nurse and go to sleep. Now. So I feed him and put him in his carrier. He screams like I just punched him in the gut.


THE GOOD: I finally got diaper bag packed and everything ready to go….Max is content in his carrier, almost asleep.

THE BAD: We’re now almost a half an hour late.

THE UGLY: I can’t find Sam’s shoes.


THE GOOD: Found the shoes, Sam has them on his feet and we’re finally ready to go.

THE BAD: We’re now 35 minutes late.

THE UGLY: Sam all of a sudden decides he doesn’t want to go.


THE GOOD: I rationalize to myself that even if I only get 10 minutes away from home, that’s 10 minutes that I don’t have to hear any crying, loud annoying toys, or that flippin’ Cars movie for the 87th time this week.

THE BAD: Sam still insists on staying home, so I have to take the baby to the car first, then sprint up the back up the stairs to coax Sam to the car.

THE UGLY: I have to carry Sam out to the car against his will.


THE GOOD: We finally get there.

THE BAD: We’re now 40 minutes late.

THE UGLY: I had to park three blocks away and carry my huge purse + diaper bag weighing in at almost 15 lbs on my right shoulder…and baby + carrier weighing in at about 20 lbs on my left arm. Why on earth did I feel it was necessary to beg my hubby for a gym membership?


THE GOOD: The kids go to their respective classrooms without any hassle.

THE BAD: I’m going to walk in to my group 50 minutes late.

THE UGLY: I feel like I’m ready to go to a book club without having read the book.


THE GOOD: Everyone was happy to see me and it didn’t feel weird at all to sit there empty handed or empty headed.

THE BAD: I’m overheated from running up and down the stairs and hallways of this massive church.

THE UGLY: I can’t focus. I can’t stop wondering if Sam, who is phobic of public restrooms, will keep his underwear dry today. It’s been so long since he’s been out in public. Stupid sickness.


THE GOOD: I had an hour to myself, chatted with friends, and scheduled a playdate. Sam didn’t wet himself, have a meltdown when it was time to leave or run away from me at any time. Miraculous, believe me.

THE BAD: After we got down the hallway, down the stairs, and right up to the door…I realize that I left my purse upstairs in the nursery. Back up the stairs, down the hallway , grab the purse, then back down again followed by a three block trek to the car.

THE UGLY: Sam never complained once, never ran away or insist we go play before we leave. He’s never that good…unless he’s getting sick.



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  • 1. ck  |  March 13, 2009 at 12:11 am

    What a great post. I mean, it made me cringe but only because I’ve been there (all minus the RSV part) and could feel it and NEVER want to experience all of that at one time again. You are one tough mama!

    And seriously, why are those carriers so ridiculously heavy? Is that really necessary?

  • 2. KathyB!  |  March 13, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Oh please… he can not be getting sick. Could fate possibly be so cruel?! I love the way this is written. It’s perfect because it is so true — there’s good, bad and ugly in everything! Great approach.

    I hope you get your routine back quickly. There’s nothing worse than getting the kids back into the old habits.

  • 3. Gibby  |  March 13, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Oh no! I hope he does NOT get sick.

    I love the way you structured this post. Because that is how our days go…they are peppered with some good, some bad, and some ugly.

    It is so nice that you have a place that you can go to and just BE, no matter if you have prepared or brought what you needed. I bet that was the perfect place for you to go.

  • 4. faemom  |  March 14, 2009 at 4:20 am

    I guess I’ll add to the chorus about how uniquely written your post was. And you’re a trooper. I would have given up after being 30 mins late. Way to go. Don’t you wish they made carriers lighter?


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